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I have worked with this team specifically on multiple projects in the past and they have always been good to work with. They are fair, understanding and install quality work.

Balfour Beatty Construction

The team was helpful and never hesitated to work to solve any problems that we came across. The installation of materials went very well and they did a good job of meeting the schedule.

Austin Commercial

(When asked how the flooring looked after installation)

AT&T Performing Arts Center

Despite the complexity of the project (60,000-yard furniture lift job in 7 weeks), you made my life easy. Thank You!


Get used to hearing “It’s our pleasure”

A high-performing floor that can stand up to traffic is only half of what you need. Even more than just a floor, you need a flooring contractor who can help you get the job done.

Need new flooring—but can’t shut down the facility to do it? Reducing employee productivity is out of the question?
We can help with that.

A few tons of furniture in your way? Need to lift every cube and replace the carpet without causing a lot of downtime?

Need to go over options and get advice on how to make sure the project gets done right the first time?
We’d be glad to help.

In fact, “It’s our pleasure” is so much a part of our vocabulary, you’ll soon understand why facility managers turn to CF again and again.

Whatever you need, we can get it done. Quickly, accurately, and with so little hassle that—if it weren’t for the beautiful floor we left behind—you’d swear we were never there.

No mess. No B.S. That’s Corporate Floors.

The flooring experts

We know commercial floors from the substrate to the finish—and we’ll share that knowledge with you to get both the floor installed and your clients on board.

Nothing left to chance

We’ll help you spec out every detail to fit your budget and schedule, from planning and organizing the install, to putting the floor in with as little disruption to your day-to-day operationsas possible.

Results that go beyond the expected

Corporate Floors has the best team in Texas—a fact that we stake our reputation on every day. We know what you need to bring your project to a close, and we know what it takes to get the job done—no fuss and no surprises.

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