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Corporate Floors Survives the Zombie Horde!


A team of brave Corporate Floors runners took place in the zombie 5K this weekend to benefit the Kennedy Krieger foundation. The sole focus of this foundation is the problems and injuries affecting a child’s developing brain. For decades, their dedicated researchers, physicians, therapists and educators have been helping children with brain injuries and disorders across the nation on their road to recovery.

Not quite right in their own heads, Samara, Craig, Chris, Chandra, Erik and Thomas all took part in a fun filled day running from a horde of zombies in Forney, TX through obstacles, mud pits over a 5K course.   The group was cheered on by Kathy Reed and thousands of other mud encased survivors and “infected” runners.  You can be the judge of which photo is the “before” race photo and which is “after”…yes, those are all the same shirts!




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