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2016 Presidents Award Winners

Real values, real people: celebrating our most dedicated team members.

Every year, we are faced with a difficult decision: choosing which of our tireless employees to recognize in the form of our highest honor, the President’s Award.

To make his choice, our president Thomas Holland works through a list of all of the peer-nominated Employee of the Month candidates and winners for both Apex and Corporate Floors. He considers each one individually, not just on performance but on the basis of how well that person exemplifies our core values.

To work at APEX Surface Care, you need more than the right skill set: you need the right mindset. It is important that every person on our team subscribes to the same core values, which create the consistency of service our clients have come to know and love.

That being said, there are a few who take these values above and beyond. Here are this year’s choices:

blog-candy-madrigalResilient and Resourceful:
Candy Madrigal (Corporate Floors)

In her role as Project Manager, Candy supports one of our most effective and efficient teams. She manages the many facets of a project with ease, mitigating risks, setting realistic deadlines, and carrying them out with grace.

Thanks, Candy, for bringing some of our most complex projects to roaring success, by not being afraid to ask questions, pivoting when needed, and using all resources available to you!

blog-rachel-gussPositive, Can-Do Attitude:
Rachel Guss (APEX Staff)

In her role as Client Service Manager, Rachel is always taking on extra responsibilities. Most recently, she has managed the rollout of the new Technician App we’ve been developing for the better part of a year. Well-loved by the technicians she works with, Rachel’s open, real communication helps to breed motivation every day.

Thanks, Rachel, for your constant positive attitude and hard work—your willingness to jump in and help is at the root of the type of service we provide!

blog-BB-AnguianoTeam Player:
BB Anguiano (APEX Technician)

A large part of playing as a team means solving problems, and BB is one of our top troubleshooters. Extremely well-rounded, he has been an incredible asset both to our Client Service Managers and to the other technicians he works with—resulting in his recent promotion to hard surface supervisor at our Dallas/Fort Worth location.

Thanks, BB, for your attention to detail, your commitment to doing the right thing, and your dedication to making work a whole lot easier for both your team and your clients!

Thank you, Candy, Rachel, and BB for helping set a new standard of mutual support and client care last year!

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