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Pre-Construction Consulting

Solid Advice & Seamless Installation

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Plan smarter.

Eventually, even the best design comes up against the realities of installation – the better the match, the more successful the project.

That’s why Corporate Floors offers pre-construction consultation services, to its clients at no cost. By anticipating the challenges you’re likely to face before you begin installation, you’ll increase the likelihood of a smoother overall project. And that’s something we can all get on board with.

“I had no idea the slabs would need so much prep.”

“The manufacturer said this was a high-traffic product.”

“I didn’t know we needed to schedule HVAC to be fully operational before the subfloor could be tested... Or that we needed time for the flooring materials to acclimate before being installed.”

“I can’t believe a $2 per foot product would require $3 worth of surface preparation! That’s going to blow our budget!”

We’ve heard complaints like this too many times. But you can avoid these by consulting with us before your budget your project. We've pretty much seen it all and want to share that knowledge and insight to make your project run as smooth as possible.

Why involve Corporate Floors in your pre-construction process?

  • You’ve got nothing to lose–and everything to gain. Bringing us in early costs you nothing, but could save you a lot of time, money and stress.
  • Get the numbers right. You’ll find it much easier to budget when you trust the experts who’ve handled hundreds of flooring installations. Including sourcing the most competitively priced products that meet design and performance expectations.
  • Dive into the details. We help you understand how the flooring product you want may or may not work in your building.
  • Technical advice and expertise. We have it, and where we don’t, we connect you with industry gurus that know how these products should be installed and how they perform once installed.
  • Start off on the right foot. We can help both end-users and GCs evaluate how realistic their construction schedule is. This gives you the ability to better meet your budget and move-in timelines.
  • See the big picture. We provide life cycle costing, end of life options, and more sustainable options for many of our product offerings.

We go the extra mile for you.

Our main goal is not just to win a contract, but to deliver a finished product designed to meet your needs, perform for years, and enhance the work environment.

Let's get together and discuss your upcoming projects.

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