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Reclamation & Recycling

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Carpet doesn’t belong in a landfill.

At Corporate Floors, we’re committed to environmental stewardship. But we don’t just specify and install products that meet the highest standards of sustainability for any project—we also recycle old material and wherever possible, we help you re-use your product through donation, which is always preferred.

We instituted the first “zero carpet to landfill” policy in 2009, in the state of Texas... And we still "walk the talk". With hundreds of thousands of yards of carpet—not to mention thousands of tons of cardboard, plastic packaging and construction materials—diverted from landfill, Corporate Floors is proud to lead the industry.

Working with our sister company, Texas Carpet and Construction Recycling we will be sure your old carpet and other construction debris such as VCT and ceiling tile, is recycled using CARE standards.

Through Texas Carpet and Construction Recycling, we donate truckloads of reusable carpet to Habitat for Humanity.

Our “Zero Carpet to Landfill” policy

Corporate Floors will ensure that on every project, we will divert all carpet we remove from the landfill consistent with CARE standards. Each time...every time.

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