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The easiest way to get your space painted.

Whether you’re between tenants and you need to repaint, or you just want a quick facelift of your commercial office space, Corporate Floors has the answer.

Our turnkey carpet replacement and painting service—Green Express—lets you have an occupied lift installation and paint project performed at the same time.

Our professional tradesmen handle the entire job in one scheduled appointment, saving you the cost and hassle of dealing with two separate contractors at two separate times.

What’s more, we use the most environmentally-friendly products available—so you can feel good about your paint.

Why Green Express?

When replacing carpet in an occupied space, most clients want to paint the facility at the same time. But that makes the project much more challenging: Who is going to oversee two trades, two furniture moves, and a third-party project manager?

That’s why we developed Green Express as an add-on service for projects where we’re already managing an occupied flooring installation.

The result is the most cost-effective and hassle-free solution available. You’ll deal with a single point of contact, a single company (and a single invoice), which means you’ll have fewer workers on site and you won’t have to worry about third-party project management.

And when you do the projects at the same time, of course, that means we’ll only need to move your furnishings once, which will save you both money and time: We can quite confidently say we’ve got the fastest turnaround time in the industry.

Yes, we mean “Green”

  • We use only modular carpet products from the most sustainable manufacturers in the industry.
  • We remove and recycle your old carpet for you, keeping it out of the landfill.
  • We use only GreenGuard certified, low-odor, low-VOC paints
  • Our services may qualify for LEED EB: Operations & Maintenance credits

For carpet and paint together, Green Express is the only choice

Corporate Floors can re-carpet and repaint your facility in half the time at half the cost—and with none of the hassle!

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