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Concrete Prep

It’s what you don’t see
that makes the difference.

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It’s what’s underneath that counts.

Your finished floor only looks and performs as well as the sub-floor it's installed over.

That means there’s no better way to start a project than with proper floor preparation. Our concrete preparation service includes restoring or improving floor serviceability. We work with great precision because we know that even the smallest details matter.

Floor preparation helps you avoid:

  • The mirroring of concrete irregularities through the floor covering, ruining the appearance and performance of the finished floor.
  • Inconsistent bonding to the subfloor, causing the floor to bubble, crack or delaminate.
  • Excessive wear caused by uneven subfloors, cracks or high spots.
  • Poor transitions between different flooring products that cause trip hazards or do not meet ADA standards.
  • Voiding your warranty because you don’t meet manufacturer-specified flatness requirements.

Preparation methods


Feather finishing is a patch and skim coat used to create a smooth, finished surface on the concrete. It also creates a secure bond between the finished product and substrate.


Trowelable floor patches are used to smooth out the areas between low and high spots. Floor patching is also used for filling minor cracks and holes, or creating an appropriate slope between materials of different thicknesses.


Self-leveling concrete creates a flat and smooth surface with superior, compressive strength. The overall aesthetic appearance is greatly improved when used under resilient floors. For highly technical environments self-leveling products must be used to ensure that the finished floor meets height, level and flatness specifications required for certain equipment operation.


Shot blasting is a preparation method that blasts the concrete surface with small steel balls at a high velocity. Its purpose is to remove contamination and open the concrete to improve the surface for better bonding and absorption.


Grinding corrects irregularities in concrete such as faulting and roughness and opens the concrete pores to improve the surface for better bonding and absorption.

Achieve a trouble-free install by properly preparing your subfloor. It’s what you don’t see, that makes the difference.
At Corporate Floors, trouble-free is how we like to start each and every a project.
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