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When the Work is Mission Critical, so is the Flooring.

Raised access flooring first came on the scene more than three decades ago as an innovative flooring and power solution supporting the unique needs of high-tech clean rooms. But it didn’t take long for other industries to recognize how raised access flooring could benefit their mission-critical facilities as well. Today, access flooring is the product of choice for businesses requiring a high level of building services. Access flooring is ideal for offices that rely on extensive computer and telecommunications equipment, or handle a large volume of people, data and goods.

One-Stop Resource: Installation, Maintenance and Repair Services

Corporate Floors’ access flooring services range from initial product consultation and installation, to maintenance, repair and leveling of existing access floors, and complete raised floor replacement.

With a minimum life span of 25 years, raised floor panels offer longevity but eventually will degrade, especially under heavy weight loads, excessive moisture and irregular maintenance. When it’s time to replace your system, Corporate Floors provides turnkey service with virtually no downtime in your operations. We are experts in repairing and re-leveling existing floors, and in customized maintenance to extend the life cycle of your investment.

Who’s Using Access Flooring?

  • Banks and other financial services firms
  • Government offices
  • High-volume call centers
  • Large-scale data processing centers
  • Electronic telecom switch centers
  • Retail and hospitality facilities, such as casinos and department stores
  • Consumer goods distribution centers
  • Clean rooms and other high-tech offices
  • Educational facilities

Considering Access Flooring? Trust the Experts.

Corporate Floors’ Access Flooring division is the go-to resource of choice for companies seeking expert installation and maintenance of its access floors and underfloor systems.
Our full-service team has managed access flooring installations and maintenance from small call centers to a 360,000 sq.ft. casino project and more. We understand the structural performance required for various types of building uses. We’ll advise you on the best installation techniques for your job, help you evaluate product options and guide the process to stay ahead of schedule and on budget.

When you choose Corporate Floors, you choose more than a job well done. You choose a team whose dedication is unwavering from the beginning to the end and beyond.
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