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Polished Concrete

Simplicity at its best.

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Naturally superior.

Concrete’s contemporary style is a popular design trend, and we can understand why.

Polished concrete is aesthetically pleasing, durable and efficient. It eliminates the need for coatings, sealers, carpet or tile that require expensive refinishing or replacement, excessive maintenance, or harsh cleaning chemicals.

What is polished concrete?

The process of polishing a concrete floor improves its durability and hardness – and makes it easier to keep clean, as well. No coating is required, which can save money in the long run and keep you from constantly maintaining chips or peels in the finish.

Here are some more benefits of polished concrete:

  • Easily stained, which offers a wide array of design options.
  • Simple to maintain and repair.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Exceptionally durable with a long lifespan.
  • Cost-effective in most installations (depending on complexity)

Corporate Floors can help you install and polish concrete floors in your facility. Plus we have the expertise to prevent and avoid one of the only issues with concrete – moisture.

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