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Specialty Coatings

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Extra protection for extreme environments.

When your project includes flooring that needs to withstand heavy loads, harsh chemicals, or other unfavorable conditions, consider specialty coatings.

Whether you need epoxy, MMA, urethane or other specialty coatings, Corporate Floors has the experienced team on staff to make sure your floor will withstand whatever you can throw at it.

Protect your floors… With Corporate Floors.

Corporate Floors can help you assess the requirements for your floor and the environment you’ll be installing it in, in order to help you decide on the protective system that best benefits you.

Our full-service line of coatings includes thinly applied maintenance coatings, trowel-applied coatings, designer multicolor applications, and industrial abuse resistant coatings.

In choosing the appropriate coating for your floor, we test to ensure proper adhesion, remove any existing contaminants, and repair existing substrates.

We will also do our part to protect your investment by employing manufacturer-trained personnel to ensure proper installation and customer satisfaction.

ESD Coatings for the Most Demanding Environments

In demanding high-tech environments like Mission Critical facilities, static electricity is a lot more than an annoyance. An electrostatic discharge can knock out and permanently damage individual electronic devices or take out an entire mission-critical network system. Static electricity and ESD has long been a serious problem in industrial units. Today’s specialty floor coverings solve that challenge.

Corporate Floors offers both electrostatic dissipative coatings as well as conductive flooring. Both options remove static electricity in the flooring and eliminate the risk of static electricity causing a computer outage.

Learn more about Electrostatic Discharge.

You can trust in your flooring system when you trust it to Corporate Floors.

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