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Entryway Systems

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Did you know that most maintenance costs go towards removing soil that’s been tracked in from outside? In fact, studies show that every pound of soil that enters your facility costs more than $400 to remove.

That means there’s no better way to make your flooring last longer — and, yes, lower those maintenance costs — than to equip your facility with a proper entrance system.

Unfortunately, many systems today are designed either to be purely functional or simply aesthetically pleasing. In other words, they either work well and look terrible or look great and perform terribly.

Trust Corporate Floors to keep you from getting stuck with either kind.

What makes a good entry system?

A well-designed entry system is no less than 12 feet long and should make use of different products to remove all kinds of soils — from wet and heavy to fine dust.

There can be a lot to consider when planning a good system, but Corporate Floors can help you specify, install and maintain the best one for your facility. Whether it be custom-manufactured to fit a unique entry, or heavy-duty designed to handle millions of visitors — like the entry system we specified and installed for Dallas/Ft. Worth International Airport — we can help.

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