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Ceramic and stone tiles are a great choice for areas with high foot traffic. This type of flooring is exceedingly durable and offers long lasting quality.

Ceramic tiles typically include types of tile made from clay or a clay mixture fired in a kiln. They can be porcelain—highly durable, water-resistant, and dense but smooth—or non-porcelain, which are lower-cost than porcelain but usually suited only for lighter foot traffic.

Ceramic tile can even mimic wood flooring for a beautiful effect.

Stone tiles are made from a variety of stone types that have their own distinct characteristics, and their appearance has stood the test of time. Durability is always a concern in a commercial environment, so now there are many stone looks available in high-performing porcelain tiles.

Tile by tile, we do it right.

Corporate Floors has the skill you need to install ceramic and stone tile effectively, every time.

That’s important because improper installation is the biggest issue that plagues ceramic and stone tile. Fortunately, we have the expertise to install tiles correctly the first time—and to advise you on the best type of flooring for your project.

We know our products inside out. We understand their benefits and limitations, and can accurately offer insight for your projects.

Get the experience you need with Corporate floors.
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