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Photo Lumination Makes All The Difference.

Photoluminescent (PL) egress path markings are a non-electric routing system that lights the path by creating an intuitive route that can be easily followed during an emergency evacuation.

Specifying PL egress products in commercial buildings is not only required by building codes, it should also be installed with care to ensure the selected products provide durability and long-term performance. Doing so could mean the difference in life or death for occupants exiting a facility during a fire, power outage, or another catastrophe. When properly selected PL systems to ensure safe egress of occupants and provide peace of mind to building owners.

The International Council of Code Officials adopted the 2012 International Building Code 1024 and International Fire Code Chapter 11 which mandate that all non-residential buildings over 75 feet in height must install Photoluminescent Exit Path Markings in all enclosed emergency stairwells.

These photoluminescent egress solutions are a proven method of expediting safe emergency exit from high rise buildings while providing safe navigation for first responders like firefighters, police and medical personnel. In a disaster situation, they can make the difference between life and death. For more information please read the Photoluminescent Egress: A Critical Safety Specification article in The Construction Specifier.

Photoluminescence Egress Path Products

We make selection & installation simple and straightforward.

Corporate Floors’ PL egress services range from initial product consultation and installation, assuring you meet or exceed all code requirements.

The Corporate Floors team offers photoluminescent stairwell wayfinding signage selection and installation as part of a standard flooring contract, allowing you to relax with the confidence that your building has that extra line of defense in case of a disaster situation and that you will be meeting all building codes currently in place.

Who’s Using Luminescent Signage?

  • Legally required: All non-residential buildings over 75 feet in height must install Photoluminescent Exit Path Markings in all enclosed emergency stairwells.
  • Although not a governmental requirement for commercial buildings below 75 feet, any building, residential or commercial can add photoluminescent egress path signage and markings and get insurance premium reduction.
  • Buildings with enclosed stairwells that are pitch black without electricity should install PL signage for the safety of occupants.

Considering Luminescent Egress Path Marking?

Trust the Experts and Avoid the “Gotcha” Caveats in the code.

Corporate Floors’ PL Egress division is best option for companies large and small seeking expert installation and maintenance of IllumiTread egress, photoluminescent stairwell products and other emergency pathway signage.

Our full-service team can manage the project from start to finish, ensuring that you meet or exceed all codes, including not only 055113 but also 101443, which is often overlooked. Whether you have us install, or you choose to do it yourself, we can advise you on installation techniques for the job, evaluate product options and guide the process so you ahead of schedule and on budget.

Having an egress path marking strategy pays off.

  • You will have consistent path marking layouts
  • Consistent luminescent color and brightness with coordinated products
  • Compliance with the build codes
  • Smooth certificate of occupancy

Corporate Floors PL Egress Division has what it takes:

  • Certified Installer Since Nov 2015, Balco Inc.
  • Certified Trainer Since Nov 2015 , Balco Inc.
  • Certified Installer Since Aug 2015, Ecoglo

If you are wondering which of these codes applies to your build, give us a call and we will review the situation and give you our recommendations. When you choose Corporate Floors, you are assured of meeting all PL egress codes, a safe working environment for your staff and visitors, and a job well done with unsurpassed durability. What could be better than that? Call or contact us today to discuss how we can help you have a smooth certificate of occupancy.


Important building code sections requiring photoluminescent (PL) exit path markings are:

  • International Building Code (IBC) 1023. 9, “Floor ID Signs”
    • Photoluminescent stairway identification signs shall be included in interior exit stairways. This is effective from January 2009.
  • IBC 1025, “Egress Path Products”
    • Photoluminescent markings shall be provided in interior exit stairways of building types A, B, E, I, M, and R-1. This section became effective in January 2009.
  • National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 101, Life Safety Code, and 5000, Building Construction and Safety Code, Sections, “Exit Stair Path Markings” and 7.10, “Marking of Means of Egress.”
    • Effective from January 2009, the section makes photoluminescent exit stair path markings optional for all buildings, new and existing, regardless of height.
  • California Building Standards Code (CBSC), Chapter 10, “Means of Egress in Group A, E, I, R-1, R-2, and R-3”
    • Required in occupancies in exit corridors leading to emergency exit stairwells. This was made effective in January 2008.
  • General Services Administration (GSA) P-100, Facilities Standards for the Public Buildings Service, Section 7. 8, “Exit Path Markings”
    • Required in all new and existing buildings, and effective from March 2005.
Photos courtesy of Balco using IllumiTread™ Egress Path Products
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