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R.L. Worth & Corporate Floors save 50,000 pounds of carpet from landfill

A recent project in conjunction with commercial real estate developer R.L. Worth resulted in the recycling of approximately 50,000 pounds of used carpet from a San Antonio building remodel!

R.L. Worth called upon Corporate Floors to remove and recycle 105,000 square feet of existing broadloom carpet during a remodel of one of the developer’s properties.

“The decision to recycle the old carpet produced by this project represents a forward-thinking approach by R.L. Worth,” said Peggy Arnold, RID, a product solutionist here at Corporate Floors. “We are proud to partner with proactive organizations like R.L. Worth that take the extra step to find environmentally responsible solutions.”

Once removed from the space, Corporate Floors shipped the used carpet, totaling nearly 50,000 pounds, to Texas Carpet Recycling’s Grapevine facilities. The material is currently being sorted, analyzed, baled and prepared for reuse.

Approximately 7 billion pounds of used carpet is generated nationwide each year, most of which is deposited in landfills. When recycled, carpet content can be repurposed to create a variety of sustainable products, including construction materials, automotive parts and new carpet.


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