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Flooring Failure

Moisture in Concrete? Corporate Floors Has Solutions

Water is a necessary component of concrete. It is blended with aggregate and cement so that the mix can be transported to a job site and then placed into forms. However, if moisture levels that are too high for the specified floor covering aren't resolved, it causes project delays, additional costs, finger-pointing of who is to blame, and flooring failure. 

Thanks to high tech materials and revolutionary approaches, solutions are fast, practical, and within reach. Prevention is possible with preemptive measures, however, pre-construction planning is essential. Waiting until the moisture test results come back is often too late since many products have a brief window of opportunity for use.

Corporate Floors is on your team. We have solutions for concrete moisture problems that ultimately lead to flooring failure.

What are the most effective products designed to mitigate moisture issues?

The goal of mitigation products is to keep moisture at an acceptable level so the slab can receive any flooring that is specified. Even more critical, the floors must continue to perform long after the installation crews have left the premises. The best choice will be the product that achieves these objectives within the budgetary and timing restraints of the project. Some of Corporate Floor’s preferred moisture mitigation solutions are:

  • Moisture resistant adhesive systems
  • Carpet which is constructed to allow moisture to pass or wick through,  then evaporate
  • Moisture resistant tape or dot systems used in place of adhesives for carpet tile and rubber tile
  • Rolled flooring underlayment systems
  • Floating LVT and Vinyl products
  • Epoxy membranes over which any floor can be installed

The mitigation capabilities of these products are specific to the amounts of moisture levels they are designed to withstand. Knowing which solution is the best fit for the project is essential for protection against flooring failure. That is why you need an experienced, educated flooring contractor like Corporate Floors to guide you toward making the right selection.  We ensure that your company – or your client – will praise the performance of their flooring for years to come.  

Need a solution to high moisture levels in concrete? Corporate Floors has an appropriate moisture mitigation product to suit every construction timeline and budget.


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