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How to Find New Alternatives for Old Carpet

Choosing and installing new carpet can be a refreshing project in a facility, especially if carpet replacement is long overdue. But in the excitement of changing outdated and lackluster flooring for a brand new alternative, it can be easy to overlook the next destination of your old carpet.

Several billion pounds of carpet are sent to landfills each year – but simply discarding used carpet isn't the only option. While there is not currently a simple, routine process for recycling and repurposing carpet materials, there are sustainable options available through a number of partners.

Corporate Floors is well known for our flooring installation services, but did you know we can also help you find a responsible solution for your used carpet?

Texas Carpet Recycling, a subsidiary of Corporate Floors, is the only full-service carpet landfill diversion company in the state.

We’re also one of the leading supporters of the Carpet America Recovery Effort (CARE), the nationwide organization tasked with developing market-based solutions for the reuse and recycling of old carpet.


The next time you’re due for a carpet replacement, be sure to consider landfill diversion for handling your used flooring. Through Texas Carpet Recycling and our relationship with CARE, we can find a sustainable alternative for almost any used commercial carpet – and at the best price.


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