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Corporate Floors Releases Annual Stewardship Report

Download the Corporate Floors Stewardship Report here

Environmental and community stewardship isn't a new concept at Corporate Floors – it’s been our way of life since we started in 1997. We pride ourselves on not just offering a breadth of responsible solutions for our clients, but we “walk the talk” when it comes to sustainability and community involvement. It is our goal to be good corporate citizens of the community where we work and the earth on which we live.

Corporate Floors is pleased to report the following results from our stewardship and community efforts in 2013.

Maintenance and sustainability

Corporate Floors has been a MilliCare provider, the most environmentally sound cleaning process for carpet and textiles, for more than 12 years.

In 2013 alone, Corporate Floors serviced approximately 40 million square feet of carpet using MilliCare, resulting in the following savings (compared to a hot water extraction cleaning method):

Water Savings:

  • 1,720,760 gallons – equivalent of 86,038 showers
  • 99.12% savings

Electricity Savings:

  • 252,718 kilowatt hours of energy – equivalent of 10,357 days of power for the average home
  • 75.99% savings

Emissions Savings:

  • 168.7 carbon tons – equivalent of 18,708 gallons of gas
  • 75.99% savings

Source: MilliCare Environmental Impact Calculator

Carpet Recycling

Realizing the need for sustainable end-of-life solutions for commercial carpet, we created Texas Carpet Recycling (TCR) in 2007. As the first carpet recycling company in the state of Texas, TCR has allowed Corporate Floors to divert all used carpet from all commercial projects we've managed in the state – all at the same cost as taking the product to a landfill.

Through TCR and our partnerships with StarNet and the Carpet America Recovery Effort (CARE), we saw the following results for carpet reclamation and recycling in 2013:

Quantity diverted from landfill: 1,607,715 sq. feet
An equivalent number of pounds reclaimed: 803,856 lbs.
Cubic yards of landfill saved: 3,970
Average equivalent BTU’s saved: 8,038,575,000
The number of avg. US homes could be supplied for 1 year: 45
Global warming potential averted (CO2 equiv. lbs): 5,620,572 lbs
Gallons of water saved: 2,451,765

Source: StarNet and CARE
Note: This information is based on some internal life cycle analysis along with some assumptions developed through experience handling used carpet.

Additional Environmental Activities
Beyond our efforts to reduce the environmental impact of our services, Corporate Floors is deeply involved in a number of industry organizations that promote sustainability and community. Through our partnership with American Forests, we've planted more than 5,000 trees through financial support of their ReLeaf program. We plant one tree for every ton of carpet diverted from the landfill, and an additional tree for each signature we receive at our trade shows.
Community Involvement:

The Corporate Floors team also spends hundreds of hours each year volunteering with several organizations to help make our business community and the world more sustainable:

  • U.S. Green Building Council
  • Greater DFW Recycling Alliance
  • State of Texas Alliance for Recycling
  • North Texas Recycling Coalition
  • Carpet America Recovery Effort

We also supported Fisher House and Habitat for Humanity as part of our community outreach in 2013. We provided thousands of pounds of flooring to Habitat for Humanity for re-purposing, and Fisher House was the primary recipient of our charitable financial contributions.

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