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2017 Presidents Award Winners

Congratulations to the 2017 Presidents Award Winners

Meet Our Rising Stars 


At the beginning of December, we held our annual gathering to celebrate the holidays and to honor standout Corporate Floors team members who consistently "Walk the Talk", working hard to bring the Core Values of Corporate Floors to life. These awards are our way of thanking those members of our team and vendors who go the extra mile, exhibiting the qualities of resourcefulness and resilience that are at the center of our company culture.

These award winners exemplify:

  • Having a positive "Can Do" Attitude
  • Practicing open, real communication
  • Being passionate about doing the right thing
  • Being resilient and resourceful
  • Playing as a team

Honorees are chosen by their peers and the division President. This year, our category winners are:

Presidents Award Winner 2017

The President’s staff award is given to the team member who is first recognized by their peers by receiving or being nominated for the CORE award at least one time during the year. The company President then selects the winner who best exhibited and lived the company core values throughout the year. This award is given to a Corporate Floors Staff member. 

Jim Burns, Beau Gajdica and Thomas Holland

President's Award - Beau Gajdica

Beau is being recognized because of his "Positive Can Do" Attitude and his ability to "Play as a Team." On a professional and personal level, Beau is selfless with his time and knowledge. During 2017, he consistently took care of his customers, team and other co-workers which had the benefit of making Corporate Floors an even better company.

FireFighter Award

The FireFighter award is given to the team member who most often jumps into the fray and does their best to avert disaster or help recover from a problem whether it’s their job to do so or not.

Jim Burns, Robert Castro and Thomas Holland

Firefighter Award - Robert Castro

Robert personifies the qualities "Resilient and Resourceful".  Is there any better recommendation than this, which comes from one of his teammates: "He is my favorite go-to guy for the 'What the heck do we do now?' moments during installation!"

Enough said.

Helping Hand Award

The Helping Hand award is given to the team member who is continually defining the word "Teamwork" and is ready to help no matter how big or small the task….and they do it with a smile.  

Jim Burns. Mitch Sackett and Thomas Holland

Helping Hand Award - Mitch Sackett

Mitch is a valuable part of our estimating department. While he does the everyday tasks required to provide square footages and analyze project requirements for bids, Mitch goes the extra mile with his willingness to visit job sites and do whatever it takes to get proposals out accurately and on time. Mitch is "Always willing to meet the deadline even when buried with work - and with a smile."

Ultimate Fighter Award

The Ultimate Fighter award (aka the David Douthit award) epitomizes the employee who has fought through personal challenges over the year without sacrificing their commitment to the company, all the while maintaining their responsibilities to their peers and our customers.

Jim Burns, Joan Kearney and Thomas Holland

Ultimate Fighter - Joan Kearney

Joan has been chosen for the Ultimate Fighter award because of her "Positive Can Do" attitude while dealing with major health issues for many months. She is always genuinely willing to help anyone who has a question or needs assistance with a task.

Installer of the Year

Jim Burns, Chalo Mendoza and Thomas Holland

Installer of the Year - Chalo Mendoza

Chalo is able to "Play as a Team" and is always "Resilient and Resourceful". The volume of work that Chalo installed and managed 24/7, 365 days this year for some of our most challenging and important clients was an accomplishment in itself. None of this was done without difficulty, but Chalo persevered through each and every project and was ready to take on the next one. Chalo is a  great Teammate to Corporate Floors!

The "Robinson Crusoe" Award

Working remotely has its own set of challenges. Though it is true that "no man is an island", these Corporate Floors employees have worn as many hats as necessary to accomplish the multitude of tasks required to get the job done.

Jim Burns, Deborah Rutherford and Thomas Holland
Jim Burns, Deborah Rutherford and Thomas Holland

Robinson Crusoe Award San Antonio - Deborah Rutherford

Deborah performs as a Project Manager in San Antonio and is charged with many duties to support her team. Her friendliness, organizational skills, and positive attitude shine through even though she has a heavy workload on her plate every single day.  She "Plays As A Team", and is "Resilient and Resourceful". Her team says, "Deborah has taken every challenge as a learning opportunity to be a guide and an anchor to the flow of our office."

Jim Burns, Phillip Watters and Thomas Holland

Robinson Crusoe Award Austin- Philip Waters

Phillip is a Field Supervisor in Austin TX; his team spirit and attitude are what enable him to always "get the job done".  Phillip is known to be the "go-to" guy for just about anything. Always helpful, but never expecting anything in return, Phillip is incredibly thorough with each project.  His Core Value qualities? "Positive Can DO Attitude" and "Play as a Team". "Phillip has a great attitude, always ready to take on the next thing. He's a great teammate to the Austin Branch and a stellar representative of our company."

Vendors of the Year

Our company could not sustain without the trusted and invaluable relationships that we share with our vendors. While each vendor is important to us, every year there are shining examples of what a business partnership is all about, and we sincerely thank them for their support and for their professionalism. This year we recognized:

Vendor of the Year - Shaw Contract

Shaw - Vendor of the Year

Shaw Contract has proven their commitment to providing excellent customer service again and again throughout the year. They "Play as a Team" and practice "Open Real Communication", which applies to not only Shaw as a company but especially because of the support and collaboration their DFW Team, Starla & Cari and West Coaster Chelsie. Their efforts made Shaw our most strategic and appreciated vendor partner of the year.

Vendor of the Year - Onsite

Onsite, Jim Burns and Thomas Holland

One of our longest term vendors, Onsite has grown with our business. As our managed services provider, they are a key partner in ensuring that our systems stay online and running, allowing us to execute our mission every single day.

From all of us to all of you, Happy Holidays!

Company Photo

In lieu of gifts, our family of companies celebrated the season of giving by adopting 30 children from the Gatehouse Giving Tree who reside with their mothers at the Gatehouse in Grapevine, an incredible organization helping women in crisis.  

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