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Announcing our Q3 2017 Core Award Winners!

Today, Corporate Floors announced the winners of the 3rd quarter Core Awards. The Core Awards are peer-nominated and given to those who embody the Core Values of our company.

Corporate Floors core values:

  1. We have a positive, “Can Do” Attitude
  2. We practice open, real communication
  3. We are passionate about doing the right thing
  4. We are resilient and resourceful
  5. We play as a team

Winners are selected for this honor because of the positive, can-do energy that they bring with them to work every day.

This quarter's winners are:

Homer Cruz

Homer works for Corporate Floors in Dallas as our Lead Estimator. He has leveraged his expertise to guide and train our team of estimators, who appreciate the fact that Homer is always cheerful, even first thing in the morning! His knowledge and experience are invaluable in getting our bids out on time and with the utmost accuracy. He also loves to play a leisurely round of golf in his spare time.

Mica Martinez

Mica handles a vast amount of work each day, but always accomplishes her tasks with flair, confidence and a smile. She exemplifies a “can-do” attitude and tackles what needs to be done. On a daily basis, she practices real, open communication with each member of her team, and has a clear passion for doing the right thing.

Phillip Waters

Phillip is a Field Supervisor in Austin TX; his team spirit and attitude are what enable him to always “get the job done”.  Phillip is known to be the “go-to” guy for just about anything. Always helpful, but never expecting anything in return, Phillip is thorough with each project from the first moment he is handed the labor file.

Robert Castro

Robert Castro's coworkers say that he is one of the hardest working people they have ever seen. His genuinely friendly demeanor is appreciated and respected by clients and partners alike. He is always ahead of the curve, proactively making the tough decisions in a logical manner, and then moving on to the next task. He sets the bar high with his exemplary work ethic, honesty, and fairness with the sub-contractors. Described as a “Pillar of Strength”, everyone who works with Robert admires his dedication and resiliency.

Robert Reyes
An Installer in the DFW Area, Robert consistently delivers top quality work and manages his crew to perfection. His “leave no stone unturned” philosophy, plus his impeccable attention to detail and standard procedures make him a leader in his field. Robert is the personification of the willingness to always be ready to do the right thing. Having him on the job ensures no worries about the quality of the completed project; it will always exceed expectations.

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