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Project Highlight: Texas Home Improvement

Furniture Lift Installation system saves Texas Home Improvement Time and Money

The Challenge

Texas Home Improvement is an established residential remodeling company in Grapevine which specializes in Coolwall Exterior Coating, patio covers, roofing and replacement windows. They contacted Corporate Floors for a proposal because the flooring in their office was in need of replacement. When Corporate Floors President, Jim Burns, met with them, they expressed concern about the installation causing downtime for their employees and being a nuisance for their clients. That's when Jim recommended the Furniture Lift Installation system.

The Approach

Corporate Floors uses our Furniture Lift Installation system when customers in occupied spaces can't move furniture in the time consuming, old-fashioned way. Instead of packing up offices and relocating furniture while the floor is being replaced, this system enables our installers to lift the furniture off the ground without dismantling it. They can then remove the old flooring beneath, and install new carpet tile overnight. According to Corporate Floors Director of Operations, Rush Kittle:

“The best thing about the way we install carpet in an occupied space is that we don’t have to take the furniture out; we literally do not have to move our customers completely out of their facility. We can leave the furniture in place, pick up a few of the miscellaneous office items, and give them crates to pack up the rest of their belongings. We have a really clean and organized system which makes it nice and simple. Our customers are back at work the next day without missing a beat, and it’s business as usual.”

Why Lift Installation?

The best way to replace the carpet in an occupied space.

  • No excessive downtime—your new flooring is installed overnight with no disruption to business operations.
  • No dismantling, moving or storing of cubicles or office furniture.
  • IT systems and cabling are left intact.
  • Large spaces like call centers are staged over time and meticulously coordinated and communicated so you can be sure of results.
Furniture Lift Installation System

The Result

Sandi Middleton with Texas Home Improvement is thrilled with the results.  She reports, “With Corporate Floors, everything was professional from the very beginning, all the way through to the end of the installation.” She went on to say, 

“From the proposal to the measurement, your company gave me a good feeling, much more so than the others I had contacted. My confidence level with Corporate Floors was really high, and that’s why I picked you. I told our owner that I felt most comfortable working with Corporate Floors, so that’s who we needed to choose.”

Texas Home Improvement put their trust in Corporate Floors to replace the flooring in their offices. The installation went smoothly and was hassle-free. Rush Kittle stopped by to inspect the impeccable finished product once the flooring was completed. Sandi beamed as she told him, “I am really, really happy. We love the way our office looks now!”

TCI conf room
TCI Desk (2)
TCI desk
THI hall
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