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Make your vision a reality

What if you could meet with one team that could connect you with every leading flooring manufacturer in the industry? What would it mean for your design if you knew that the perfect floor was a single call away?

Some flooring companies might say they can be that resource for you, but it’s not as simple as that. If you want to achieve your vision—without making compromises or redesigning because you’ve been told it can’t be done—you need to do careful planning on the front end. After all, a beautiful floor has just as much to do with proper execution and installation as it does with the actual product.

That’s where Corporate Floors can help. From providing insight on designing for sustainability, to choosing products that will be available in your timeframe, and perform the way you expect, to making sure substrate issues won’t ruin your work. We’ll provide samples, offer budgeting advice, point out the obstacles and pitfalls of certain product/use combinations to ensure your vision makes it from paper to reality.

The flooring experts

We know commercial floors from the substrate to the finish—and we’ll share that knowledge with you to make sure your vision gets installed.

Nothing left to chance

We’ll help you spec out every detail to fit your budget and schedule, from planning and organizing the install, to putting the floor in perfectly.

Results that go beyond the expected

Corporate Floors has the best team in Texas—and we stake our reputation on it with every job. We know what you need to bring your plans to life.

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